21 September 2011 @ 09:17 pm
we'll cross the sahara, child  
THIS WORLD IS BREAKING MEEEEEEEE. I AM TOO PRECIOUS TO LIVE ON THIS PLANEEEEEEEEET! Corrupt and sick and failing and I really just wanna fuck off into the woods somewhere. No, wait, TO THE BEACH SOMEWHERE. It's just, like, why does it gotta hurt so much? How can things like Troy Davis' execution happen? How can any number of the crazy-horrible things that go on daily happen? HOW DO WE KEEP LETTING THESE THINGS HAPPEN??? The worst of it is it feels so hopeless to change. Waaaaaah!!!

ps; high-fives all around, buddies! hugs and junk. i am super busy and probably mostly crazy but i still love you. ♥

pps; i am gonna watch revenge tonight! excite. I HOPE THE COCONUT TREE OUTSIDE MY HUT GETS GOOD RECEPTION.

ppps; if you are not watching awkward, your world is an even darker place than mine! TEAM JAK-- MATTY? I AM SO TORN!!!
Current Mood: AWW FUCK IT ALL