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About Me: Sometimes people are good, and they do just what they should, but the very same people who are good sometimes are the very same people who are bad sometimes. It's funny but it's true. ― Fred Rogers

Friending: Feel free to friend or de-friend me as you like! I am not adding any journals back at this time. I gots to manage my time, ya know? ♥


+ Please refer all complaints about my drunken behavior, inappropriate and/or lewd comments, and pregnancy claims to vinylroad because for one reason or another, it's always Kat's fault. *** Impartial evidence of this fact: winterlive - YOU are the cutest thing in the world and i completely back you on it being katie's fault. everything is obviously katie's fault.

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a film by kirk, all the lotions, americana, annie's goddess dressing, banned from prom, bathe it in sake, brock kelly: he's a hero!, california here we come, chad michael lover, clean all the things, collarbone freckles, cooking for you, crackers for awesome, dan scott for mayor, dean/sam's hoodie, dick, dirty talk, disastrous recipes, dr. seuss, f stands for fiction, fictional boys lighting up, filling out forms, finnick odair in his underwear, furious boys, fyi i'm everyone's type, girlcrush: danneel harris, give a little love, god loves chris keller, hand porn, happy endings, high on pie, i think i'm adorable, i always loved you the best, i wish our love was right now, i'll dance to anything, it's been a while, jay jay boo, jensen's perfect nose, kabes, kittens inspired by kittens, life soundtrack: sigur ros, lights on friday nights, love, love is my cat, lucia/vermont, maintaining a holiday attitude, motherfuckin' penny can, my bff exes, my dad, my flist, my obsessive-complusive disorder, my sister, my tender pig piss, needs more brad, orla kiely handbags, pet names, punk rock fairytales, reading at the beach, reading in the bath, reiki, road trips, rogue unicorns, rorydeanus, sam/hoodies = otp, set phasers to love me, slip-off-what-you-don't-want ripped-off, sriracha goes on everything, summer, sunny days, that idiot dean forester, the gilmore girls, the hot-crazy scale, the brooke and rachel show, toes in the sand, turn it up, vacationing with friends, volunteer work, we'd be good together, wee foxy sam,
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