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kickdrumheart ([personal profile] kickdrumheart) wrote2012-12-05 01:35 pm

i wish our love was right now


1) The Red Balloon is streaming on Netflix.

2) Over 150 Young Adult authors have donated to an eBay auction to benefit the Community Foodbank of New Jersey to help out those affected by Hurricane Sandy. This is the moment I am SO BUMMED we don't have an adult YA book club on the island because I have no one to get excited with me! It's like the YA Winter Formal and I DON'T EVEN HAVE A DATE.

The big money item is an ARC of Sloppy Firsts with Megan McCafferty's handwritten personal notes (including the true origins of Marcus Flutie. ♥ MARCUS FLUTIE ♥), which is currently going for over $500.

Other cool items up for bid include a critique of your manuscript by top editors in the YA genre, Skype calls with authors, and the chance to have YA authors come speak at your school. But my FAVORITE auction is this one in which you and David Levithan can create a story together via postcards in the mail. HOW AWESOME IS THAT???? Very, very! I am jealous of the winner!

Anyway, there's a bunch of fun auctions going on and a whole lot of of them are still in the $10 range if you or someone on your holiday list is a big YA fan! Complete list of items for bid here.

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