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ohana means family

Oh, friendslist! [ profile] crackers4jenn and I made a BEST TV FAMILIES picspam which you can feast your eyes upon (sidenote: seriously, the way I just worded that sounds so gross. Or grandma-ish. Why did that come from my typing fingers? Why?) right here!

It was hard narrowing down which families to choose but I had a lot of fun working on this because it's always B-E-S-T to do a project with Crackers!!!!

In the end we went with:

Gilmores from Gilmore Girls
Taylors from FNL
Connors from Roseanne
Smiths from Fresh Prince
Winchesters from SPN
Summers from Buffy
Stonems from Skins (UK)
Mars from Veronica Mars
Cobbs from Cougar Town
Hummels from Glee
Arnolds from The Wonder Years
Stilinskis from Teen Wolf
Starks from Game of Thrones
Huxtables from Cosby
Bravermans from Parenthood
Pritchetts from Modern Family
Bluths from Arrested Development
Cesare and Lucrezia from The Borgias
Scotts from One Tree Hill
Fishers from Six Feet Under
Cohens from The O.C.
Keatons from Family Ties
Simpsons from The Simpsons
Bundys from Married With Children

OHANA!!!! ♥♥♥
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This was fun to look through! I LOVE THE BLUTHS. I think they're my fav family on there. I so wish you had seen Shameless already, because THEY ARE THE BEST TV FAMILY. BEST!

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Arrested Development is on Netflix streaming now so I watch an episode every night before bed!!! I juuuust checked the library website, and guess what? I AM NUMBER UNO ON THE LIST FOR SHAMELESS. \o/
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THIS MAKES ME HAPPY!! I think I want to rewatch AD, at least the first two seasons! I didn't dig three as much, but the first two were awesome.

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You should do it! Rewatches are like comfort food for me, they just feel good.

I will shout to you when I get the DVDs! It should be in like a week, I would guess.