kickdrumheart: (PIC: did he go and leave you all alone?)
kickdrumheart ([personal profile] kickdrumheart) wrote2012-09-21 04:35 pm

and that's how babies grow?

Listen up, reproductive system! I am TOO SICK of having periods!!!!! Then, the worst thought, after I am finally done with years of bloody horror stories going on inside my body, OH JOYFUL MENOPAUSE WITH ITS HOT FLASHES AND SUCH. Gag!!!! This is UNJUST. I don't even want any future babies!!!! I WOULD RATHER JUST LAY AN EGG EVERY DAY, JFC.

So anyway, I am in the most grumpy of moods, but this Hunger Games bad lip reading clip made me for real LOL during one part. THE BABIES PART.

I want four cheese macaroni now. With goldfish crackers baked on top. And maybe some prosciutto. And probably accompanied by LOTS OF WINE. Ugh. MENSTRUATION.

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